Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crab Meat and Egg Sushi Rolls

Sushi for tonight again.
This time I use some pan fried egg and crab meat for the filling, and I also put
in some toasted white sesame together with the mayonnaise, it just taste different
with the white sesame ^^
I also cut the rolls into different pattern and arrange it nicely on a square plate hehehehe
For me, every dinner presentation is very important as it would affect the mood of the
person that are going to eat them :p

Although this is just a very simple sushi rolls,
 but it is a very warm-hearted dinner that I make for my hubby
who has just come back from work. I am sure he is very tired and hungry after a long day.
Hope that he will be happy seeing this plate of sushi
on the dinner table ready when he is back :)

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