Sunday, December 18, 2011

Watermelon Treats

Hi all, summer is here!
Get something refreshing and cool~~~~~~
For simple recipe, please visit :

Treat yourself with the watermelon desserts which you can simply make at home.
Here I make my homemade watermelon juice and sorbet, the only thing you will
be craving in this warm summer ^^ 
Who doesn't like watermelon?????
Watermelon is one of the most juicy and refreshing fruits as it contains 90% water!
Just simple put it in the fridge for few hours before having it, ahhh it just so cool and nice to be eaten!
For more, just blend it in a blender and add some lemon/ lime juice, sugar syrup and ice cubes, there you get a glass of watermelon juice!
How simple is that ?
We need to puree and strain the watermelon for the sorbet to get fine
icy texture. Even watermelon itself is sweet enough, but a bit of sugar syrup
should be added into the sorbet/ juice.
This is because cold and frozen desserts might
drop in sweetness level when it gets frozen or chilled.
Its optional for you but me myself will still add some sugar syrup into my watermelon juice
and sorbet for more sweetness :)

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