Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crispy Pork Scott Fillet / Pork Chop

Here I am back to my old time favourite - Pork chop!
I remember when I first came to Melbourne, 
I used to make pork chop a lot because he loves it so much.
At those time, I just simple pan fried it instead of deep frying it as it saves up more oil.
But of course, if you deep fry it its much more faster.
There's been a long time since last time I made this 
crispy pork chop so I decided to have something more oily tonight hahahahahaha
I really cant find a normal pork chop in the market, so I have to use this pork scott fillet as those
"smart heart" one is so expensive :(
I have no idea how it the texture once its cooked, but I think it not gonna be too bad.
For those who is after a normal pork chop, buy the normal pork fillet which
have not too much fats around the meat.
And because this is s scott fillet, I need to tenderise the meat by hammering it hehehe,
do this on you pork fillet everytime so that you can have nice eating texture once its cooked!
Some people also use some tapioca flour/ bicarbonate soda and rub it on the meat
to help in tenderising the meat as well.
I skipped this step, I normally didnt do this but you can always try it at home :)
Then I rub on some soy sauce + salt + pepper  + sugar on both side of the pork fillet.

Simple seasoning but will make you pork chop taste simple delicious!

The crumbling process :
(1) corn flour/flour
(2) egg wash
(3) bread crumbs

* You can directly ignore the corn flour  if it is more convenient for you
but with layer of corn flour before egg wash step will results is more crispy
and thicker layer coating on the pork chops :)
* You maybe also put a bit of salt in either the egg wash or bread crumbs if you want
the outer crispy layer to taste a bit salty, I do this sometimes because my hubby is
that kind of person that very concern about "strong & enough taste" :p
* I always use bread crumbs when I am doing my pork chops,
as it is just much more crispy than using regular plain flour. You can get bread crumbs
very easily in supermarket, and I also put in some dried parsley flake in the bread
crumbs mixture to give it some green colour (optional).
Tips: Make sure you cover the pork fillet with the flour first > eggwash >  crumbs.
Ensure each layer is covered properly so that you will have
even and nice crispy layer.
Here is my pork fillet that are ready to be deep fried!
You can see a bit of green colour on the outer layer, thats parsley flakes!
Deep fry the pork fillet in a pot of hot oil at around 160-170 degree celcius,
depends on the size and thickness of you pork fillet, adjust the temperature
if necessary :)
Nice golden brown pork scott fillet, it looks very crispy isnt?

*Make sure to rest them for 5-10 minutes if you want to slice them in pieces,
if not you will lost all the meat juice if you slice them immediately.

I also sprinkle on some toasted white sesame seeds for better presentation,
serve you pork chops with tomato sauce/ bbq sauce/chilli sauce while its still hot!

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