Saturday, December 31, 2011


2012 is getting nearer and its just few hours away~~~~~~~
We have a very simple new year even dinner at my place, only a small group of people with simple dinner and I make this fried rice with simple only prawn cutlets and mixed vegetables.
I top it with some pan fried egg that has been shredded and also crispy shallot.
Simple and satisfy fried rice ever with only simple seasoning like salt and pepper, nothing else!
P/S: I cook the rice the night before and store it in the fridge :) Reason is its just easier when you are frying the rice.
Overnight rice seems to be not that sticky and you can get a very nice consistency fried rice.
And Jerome also bring over a cherry pot, its an alcohol with cherry flavour.
Hmm I don't really drink much alcohol and so are they because they get drunk very easily:p

Eventually we have this after we went for countdown near by the town and
had some fireworks scene far away from the city. 

Thanks Jerome for the alcohol :)
The road is crowded with lots of people at 12am, and 15 minutes of fireworks
did leave me a special memory during this 2012 new year with my hubby accompany by my side:)
Hurray its 1st of Jan 2012 now~~~~~~~~~~
For this special new year eve, I also make a durian cake as a treat for my guests after dinner.
It is a long rectangle shape durian cake, with sponge layers and durian cream :)
The larger piece is for my hubby kekekekekekekeke
I am happy they enjoy the dinner as well as my cake ~~~~~~

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