Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

Hi all, first chocolate mousse cake order in my kitchen!
And guess what I have no problem in making it at all hahahaha
This time I am using shinny chocolate glaze for the topping, which will still stay shinny
after you get it out from the fridge!

OK, generally this is a couple anniversary theme cake so I decorate it with some ganache
roses and also with bits of gold colour effect.
I think gold colour goes very well with chocolate cake hehehehehehehe
I am also trying to make it looks more romantic with some gold sugar pearls
and lace white ganache piping, touch up with some gold dust
&  chocolate piece with some chocolate leaves ^^
Sprinkle of the gold dust and pearl give this cake a feeling of luxury
but doesn't overwhelm the original look and the main theme of the cake,
so I didn't over decorate it with too much GOLD~~~~~~~~~~

Now back to the shinny glaze:
I would definitely use this one for my future cakes as
it looks so good with the shinny and black chocolate effect.
Even though my first time of dealing with this new glaze
is a bit messy which causing the ganache didn't have a smooth finish.
I am so glad this is not a disaster hahahahahaha
I am quite happy with the side dripping :)
 And I definitely learn to be more generous when using the ganache or else
you will be having a hard time, as you should reserve more than you are going to use!
Running out of ganache make me feel so nervous
because the ganache is setting hard before I have enough time
to finish the side dripping (the side looks a bit separated from the middle part)!
Now I know the trick of doing it properly hahahaha:P
Still I am happy with the whole look of this cake despite of the
ganache and the chocolate writing (it looks a bit funny for me XD).

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