Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winnie The Pooh & Square Alphabet Block Icing Cookies

I always want to make icing cookies with cute cartoon or pretty drawing,
but after last time I tried on making it I gave up as I thought it could be really hard!
I always following my favourite blog and feeling so envy that people can make such
a pretty batch of icing cookies with neat and even royal icing piping.
So I give it a try again this time, with evenly rolled and slimmer cookies in thickness.
I never use my winnie the pooh cutter, so I will be making winnie the pooh cookies
with yellow icing.

I also use another square cutter to make square one.

After I chill the dough in fridge, I roll it out and start cutting it with my cookie cutter.

Rolling and cutting~~~~~~~
 Ready to be baked :)
Ready to be baked :)

The royal icing in yellow colour,its important to get the
right consistency for both outline and flooding.
 Hopefully disaster is not gonna happen like last time.

Hmm, I am pretty happy with the shape of the cookies,
there's a lot so I don't think I am gonna ice all of them.
Nice flat surface with even thickness, not like last time its too thick
and very tough to pipe on the cookies with icing.

I pipe the yellow outline first and let them to dry before the
icing flooding in the middle area.
Now I know which nozzle I should use for outline piping,
and also the consistency of icing for outline.
You don's thick icing that and very runny icing which could
be very hard to pipe on the cookies and results in messy outline.
I also did pipe the outline a little bit more inside so that flooding icing
wont drips everywhere.
Hmm yea maybe a little bit more runny icing for outline and gonna
do the outline piping on the edge of the cookies as best as I could next time,
so that I can minimise the imperfection!

I think I will be using bigger cookie cutter for my next attempt,
and will only do half of the recipe, its too many of them~~~~~~~

Now flooding the icing, I am so happy that the icing didnt flood out from the
outline, its sit securely in the borders!
Its perfectly smooth like what I have seen in the book hehehehehe
At least now I got the idea and tricks how to do it better next time!

The piping of eyes, nose and mouth is very hard especially on a 
famous cartoon character, need to get them on the right ratio
or else they will look very weird :p
I think next time I will only do character with dotty eyes or nose,
no more cartoon cookies with complex face features hahahahahahaha
And well I better focus on the same pattern cookies next time, working on 2 different shape
and colour cookies is very exhausted and time consuming!
And I saw people will pipe another layer of outline around the edge or line,
which I think it might looks good especially for those same colour cookies like my winnie the pooh.
I am very sure extra outline piping after the flooding gonna give it a better shape
and 2D visual effect, but well not this time I am really tired.
 I will do it for my next batch of icing cookies I promise hehehehehehehehehehe!

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