Saturday, November 12, 2011

11.5 Inch Soft Durian CheeseCake

Another order from Bobby, and its Durian Cheesecake again^^
I am so happy that he loves it :)
This is a very big size around 11.5 inch, normal one is about 8.5 inch.
New piping pattern on my cake this time, I guess I love this style and
gonna use this for future orders :)
Just before I put on the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" chocolate plate,
I hate chocolate writing, but if its capital letter with more space should be fine :)
I actually want to do a round piping in the middle but it was hard to get a very round shape.
Lot of durian cream cheese around the cake will definitely make this cake
taste so good hehehehehehehehe
Everything is fine, I also put a layer of chocolate drizzle on the bottom
as a background so that the cake won't look so boring

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