Saturday, November 05, 2011

KilPatrick Oyster

Having fantastic dinner with my hubby tonight with
the baked KilPatrick oyster served with lemon wedge ^^
Baked oyster with the crispy bacon and the worcestershire sauce.
And of course, he bought dessert wine for tonight's dinner, which is my favourite ^^
I guess most of the girl loves dessert wine due to the sweet taste :)
Easy recipe and easy to make:
fresh oysters
shredded bacon
rock salt
worcestershire sauce
Wash the oyster under the running tap water, drain off any excess water.
Then on a baking tray, spread over the rock salt.
Place the oyster on the rock salt until its stable.
Pour around 1.5-2 tbs of worcestershire sauce into the oyster.

Then put on the bacon, adjust the quantity as you like, more or less :)
Bake them in a oven at around 170-180 degree celcius.
I am using the top grill setting with fan, not sure whether every oven
is having the same setting but I guess bake option with fan is fine.
Bake until the bacon is crispy, then they are ready to be served :)
Squeeze on some lemon juice as you wish,
or you can just have the oyster without it !

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