Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Green Tea Opera Cake

Phew finally, what I have worried about from last 2 weeks is finally over ^^
Liling's order, another great challenge for me!
Green Tea Opera Cake with additional layer of red bean,
after I did the trial version I found that this cake is really a hard job for me.

Even though the final is cake looks ok, got more obvious layers and consistent look,
I am not happy with the top chocolate ganache :(
Still, everything work and go on smoothly.
The sequence of the layers from bottom to top: 
GT sponge > chocolate ganache >  GT sponge  > red bean > GT sponge > 
GT ganache > GT sponge> chocolate ganache

I am decorating the top of the cake by using a caramel nest and 3 green tea macaroons.
Macaroons with gold, silver and pearl colour each ^^
I think it will look great with more colours on the shell:)
Well I can say, the hardest part is not having the layers neat and neat but
to control the thickness of the green tea sponge and the shape of the cake.
I am trying my best to have the sponge even in thickness but it was so hard.
When I am trying to cut and trim the cake to a nice rectangle shape, it is also very tricky due
the multiple layers of the cake.
The cake come out pretty good, everything is in my expectation, layers of the cake
is neat and clear without any mess :)
Except for the top ganache arrrgggh not as smooth 

as I want because of the irregular surface of the sponge.
Hope that she won't mind about it, enjoy the cake!
Hope that you like the taste of the cake too, positive feedback for please :p
And wish your brother a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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