Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Durian Cake

Got an order from Gin for his mum's and friend's birthday.
He want 2 durian cakes.
So I decided to give it a go.
First of all, the sponge is very important.
I made the sponge in a round tin and slice them into half.
Durian cream cheese filling in the middle yummmm

Then, I hate this part : levelling the cake.
Now I found a best way to level my whipped cream on the cake
evenly and smooth :p
I also pipe on some green colour durian whipped cream on the bottom border.
It is really hard to get a nice piping with the durian flesh in the cream,
but this is the only way to make it taste very durian.
To match the green colour, I spread some yellowish durian cream cheese on the top too :)
I really have no idea how to decorate the durian cake,
because durian is durian, headache....
In order to make it nicer, I put on some chocolate drizzle and
a piece of durian with gold leaves.
Hope this will add on some impression marks.
But I guess the taste is more important :)

Gin is picking up the cakes :)
With the durian flavour in the cream cheese to
go with the sponge, that will taste so good.

Hope he likes it, positive feedback for me please :)

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