Thursday, October 06, 2011

Strawberry Mousse Cake with HELLO KITTY Chocolate

This is was actually a rush order from my friend, 
luckily she want something similar that I made before.
The mousse cake that I made last week seems to be popular and everyone wants it!
She want a hello kitty cake, I know its hard to make the whole cake in hello kitty,
but she says if its no possible I can put on something else.
How can I turn down my customer wants? So I give it a thought and I come
up with the chocolate work drawing!
But this time I make it into a round cake :)
Well you can see clearly the strawberries and the pink color mousse:)
View from the top :)
This is a 8 inch cake.
At first, my plan is to put a layer of strawberry ganache on the top instead of the dark chocolate one.
But they seems to be softer and was really hard to manage, I got all my place messed up!
So plan B, I go back to chocolate ganache again.

Drawing the hello kitty with candy melts is fun but it was hard!
Every line need to be accurate, no mistake is allowed at all!
Still, I manage to get my hello kitty, not perfect but
it is still cute. Nobody can get a perfect job  I think.
Hope that she doesn't mind the some of the imperfections!

I am thinking so hard what to do with the top layers so that it looks special and nice.
Suddenly the basket weave appears it my mind, I know it hard to get it perfect on
a round cake, but let me give it a try with my new wilton piping tips ^^

The nice consistency of my ganache make the piping went on smoothly,
almost perfect and it looks shinny! 
I know the borders looks  a it irregular,
but come on it hard to rotate and pipe at the same time without your hand shaking :p

Hope that Emma will like the design of this cake, positive feedback for me please :)

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