Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Green Tea Opera Cake

My customer come back again, but this time another challenge for me.
When I heard the word "opera", I am a bit worried :p
She want a green tea opera cake for her brother birthday, its on 26th Oct, quite rush!
I will try to make a trial one first before she place the order.
You know its always good to make something different and new!
And plus she want a layer of red bean in btw the cake,
and I guess this gonna make the cake taste to good ^^
I start to make some research on the recipe and the layers of the cake.
I am thinking of Green tea sponge then chocolate ganache,
then sponge again, red bean, green tea cream, sponge and lastly
another layer of ganache.
Even though the layers not as tidy as I expect,
the green tea cream is a bit soft so I will make it harder,
I have to trim off outer layer so that we can see the layers in the middle,
it doesn's look bad, taste great too, but probably will make it less sweet next time.

Not sure whether she gonna order from me after she seen my trial version
of what she has asked for, but hopefully yes.
Still its another great lesson for me :)

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