Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rojak Buah

One of my favourite food, ROJAK BUAH!
Used to have this a lot when I am back to KK, and
 I only order it with Sagot, pineapple, and cucumber!
In KK, there's lots of place selling nice rojak,
with additional of crunchy chinese doughnut and crushed peanuts,
it just makes everything extremely delicious and addictive! 

Today I am gonna make my version of rojak buah, I cant find any sagot in Melbourne,  so I will be using only apples, cucumber and pineapple.
I bought the ready rojak sauce from asian groceries store, and of course also crushed peanuts!

It taste quite good, but of course not as god as the one I have in Malaysia.
KK  one is more genuine and taste more "asli" hahaha

I wonder how does this sauce taste, gonna give it a try today weee

Crushed peanuts ia a very important ingredients in rojak,
with or without it will make a bug difference^^
I am using unsalted peanuts and crushed them by myself by using the rolling pin :)
I cut all the fruits, then mix it with in suitable amount of rojak sauce.
I think its better to have all the fruits juice drained off properly, as when you mix in the sauce its gonna be very liquid and you will have something "flooding".
Its best to serve it right away as the sauce is gonna become very watery after a period of time.

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