Thursday, October 20, 2011

Glutinous Balls Sweet Soup (Tang Yuan)

XL size glutinous balls, with ginger and pandan sweet soup base.
It has red bean paste filling and I make it with 2 colors :)
This bowl of dessert reminds me of my mummy, I do exactly what she taught me and
it definitely taste like mummy! I start to feel homesick :(

Sweet soup with hint of pandan flavour and ginger, good for girls too!
Chewy balls with sweet red bean filling, best warm served dessert ever
for this warm weather spring!
Owhhhhh looks so tempting!
Look at the red bean paste filling ^^
Easy recipe : Glutinous flour, ginget, pandan leaves
rock sugar, raw sugar block, sweet red bean paste.
You can use either only rock sugar or raw sugar,
or both at the same time!

I am using ready red bean paste which you can buy from any asian groceries store.
You might eliminate the ginger if you don't like ginger taste,
but it really tastes good and good for girls!
If you don't like red bean,
exchange the filling into any of you favourite filling like
peanuts, sesame, palm sugar etc.
Mix the flour with some warm water until it is soft, doesn't stick to hand.
Not too dry or sticky:)
Make it into any colours that you prefer.
It a pot of hot water, chuck in the pandan leaves,
few pieces of ginger (depends how strong do you want the ginger taste), and the sugar.
Stir until the sugar is dissolved, adjust the sweetness by adding more sugar
until you achieve the sweetness that you want :)

Start rolling the dough and shape it into balls with red bean paste
stuffed in the middle.
Make it into any size you want, I am doing it in large size ahahaha
too lazy kekekekeke
Cook the ready balls in the ready boiling soup base and stir once in a while
until it floats on the top.
Then it is ready to be serve!


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