Friday, October 21, 2011

Asam Pedas Belacan Crispy Fish Fillet with Rice

Crispy fish fillet go with onion and green chilli, serve with steam rice and homemade asam
pedas belacan.

Very easy recipe and cooking method:
fish fillet
green/red chilli
coriander for garnish
Stage 2 after the preparation of the ingredients:
Wash and dice onion into cubes, slice the chilli.
Cut the fish fillet into square shape, marinate it with pepper,
salt, bit of soy sauce and SAO XIN wine.
Get ready the flour and beaten eggs in separate bowls.
Marinated fish.
Should look darker in colour since there a bit of the soy sauce.
Leave in for 20-30 minutes.
Dip the marinated fish into beaten eggs, then followed by flour.
Deep fry the fish in hot pot of oil at 160 degree Celsius until
golden brown in colour.

Golden and crispy fish fillet, it taste so good even you don't eat it alone without any rice ^^

Then, get a small pan and heat up some oil.
 Stir fry the onion and chilli, add in some salt and pepper to taste.
Continue stirring until the onion slightly turn into yellowish color.

Serve the fish fillet with rice, belacan and onions, garnish with some coriander. 
I made this belacan by myself, it taste a bit sweet and sour and spicy!
Actually I want to make sambal but adding to much tamarind paste so it becomes a bit sour haha

Very simple recipe for this belacan:
Deep fried anchovies 100g-150g (I bought those that are still raw, so I deep fry then in a pot of hot oil until its crispy)
chilli paste (3-4 tbp)
tamarind paste (1-2 tbp), adding too much the belacan will be sour
1 big onion
sugar (2-3 tbs, depend whether you want it to be sweeter or spicy)
salt to taste

Use some warm water to mix with the tamarind paste until it is gravy.
Slice the onion.
Heat up some oil in a hot pan, stir fry the anchovies and onion for 2 minutes,
then add in the chilli paste and tamarind paste and juice.
Wait until it boils.
Stir and pour in some water (not sure about the quantity but it would be around 250-300ml, adjust the water amount until you get the consistency you prefer), add  in the salt and sugar.
Keep tasting the belacan, add more salt or sugar until achieve the taste that you want.
Continus stirring and cook for another 5-8 minutes.
Dinner is served!
Hubby likes its so much hehehe

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