Monday, October 03, 2011

Orange Pork Ribs

Its time to try something different, and I saw lots of HONGKONG DRAMA love a dish like steak/chicken/pork go
with orange, just like sweet and sour pork or lemon chicken, just that we replace it with orange this time :)
And I also saw people posting some of the orange style dish in facebook,
so I was like why don't I give it a try kekekeke
Orange in savoury dish, how would it taste like????
I guess just a hint of orange and fruity flavour in the dish, 
that would be a great combination !

This ia actually a simple dish, despite you have to do some deep frying,
the rest just give it some thought and idea of what you
gonna use in the dish plus the garnish,
everyone can make this dish perfectly :)

From the supermarket, I got some oranges, capsicums, cucumber,
onion, pork ribs, eggs and flour.
These are basic ones, you can replace pork ribs with beef/chicken/pork,
its up to you, this dish goes perfectly with any kind meat!

First, I will get some orange juice squeezed first,
its better to use the fresh one, as in this way
you can get strong orange flavour :)

I also use 1 orange zest, the will release more orange flavour.

You will know the power of orange zest, its just so useful
and strong when you are using this in your dish.

Then, get the orange juice squeezed into a jar.
I am using around 250-300 ml of fresh orange juice.
Strain the juice first before further step.
Then mix the orange zest, juice together with
1 teaspoon of salt and 3 tablespoons of sugar.
Get all of the cutting done,
remember to reserve some cucumber slices and orange slices
for you plating and garnish :)

Then proceed to the marinating of the pork ribs.
Use some salt, pepper, sugar, soy sauce and
dark soy sauce.

Just roughly rub the pork ribs until its all covered with
the sauce, you will see it slightly darker in colour because
of the soy sauce.
Cover it with cling wrap and leave it for 1-2 hours.

Start the crumbing process!
Get ready eggs beaten +  plain flour with some salt mixed together.

This time I only dip the ribs in beaten eggs then
cover it with flour.
Ready to go for deep-frying.

Deep fry it in hot oil until golden brown in colour.
Leave it aside and get ready for the stir fry.

In a hot pan, heat up some oil.
Sauteed the onion first for 1-2 minutes.
Then add in the capsicum and stir fry for 2 minutes.
Add in some seasoning like salt and pepper to taste. 

Then lastly the cucumber, go on stir frying for another 1 minute.

Turn into high heat, pour in the juice.
Let the juice to boil, add more sugar or salt to taste if necessary.

Then, get some cornflour water, mix it into the  sauce to get the sauce thicken.
Stir in the pork ribs and stir until all of them covered with the sauce.
Finally, get  them on your favourite plate, put on any
garnish for plating or decorations if you feel like doing so.
Hmm, go and try this dish and tell me how does it go ^^

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