Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chocolate Marble Chiffon Cake

Recently I got lots of ideas and there's lots of recipes that I would love to try!
Xanders' friends is coming over to our place today to help him in job seeking,
I am thinking of treating them something to go with coffee, and of course I prefer something different
which is other than coffee flavour.
As I mentioned before, I always want to explore more types of chiffon cake with different flavour
so that people that are looking for simple cake for party or catering have more options and choices :)
So I have a look at my favourite blogs, and I found a
very seducing chiffon cake recipe -  Chocolate Marble Chiffon
This is something very light and simple, and yet can satisfy their appetite to go with the coffee.
Moreover, the marble effect of the cake makes it look very presentable!
So here I present the chocolate marble chiffon cake.
The cross section of the cake shows a very nice marble effect :)
Very soft and fluffy texture with adequate flavour of chocolate,
yummy but no burden to our tummy xD

And I always dusted my chiffon cake with some icing sugar, slice them prior to serving
so that everyone can get a slice ^^
I think I have achieved a very nice marble effect on my cake, just look at the cross section ^^
You can see the spongy texture of the cake, soft and moist centre.
My guest all like it, I guess guys love lighter dessert :)
And its not too sweet which makes you ask for more hahahaha
Wake up early this morning, have got my ingredients ready and give it a go!
Egg white mixture and egg yolk mixture (in plain and chocolate).

Mixing of meringues can be very tricky, I found that
the meringue has to be just nice peak form to be folded into the
And of course, this step is very important and needs a lot
of patience.

                                  The meringue in peak form.

I fold the meringue into the thicker egg yolk mixtures in 2 batches,
didn't really divide it accurately but I think this will be fine :)
2 bowls of ready batter, its time to pour them into the mold!

I pour the plain and chocolate batter into the mold
alternately in few batches - to create the marble effect.
I also swirl the the batter with a skewer/butter knife
in order have them mix thoroughly so that it
will create an obvious marble effect :)
I also tap the mould a bit so that hollow space will be fully filled,
you know the batter might have different density and especially you pour in
the better alternately in few batches.
You might get hollow space/holes on your cake if you don't tap it.
Out from oven, the cake shrink quite much which is out of my expectation.
But still it stay fluffy and soft.
I think I over mix the batter, which causes the greater shrinkage
after its put of the oven, arrgghhh should read the note before I start making this cake :p
I am also thinking that maybe my mould is bigger for this recipe????? Could it be?
Gonna pay more attention on this for my next chiffon cake :)

I unmould it and have it displayed on a nice plate:)
I really love the shape of my mould, it gives my cake a nice pattern.
Even the cake slightly shorter in volume, but I think it still looks great!
There is few tiny holes on the surface, but not really obvious.
One thing is that the other side my cake shrink more, resulting a wrinkle surface.
I have no idea why but probably because I lower the oven temperature just now
which causes not constant temperature around the oven and irregular shrinkage.

Icing sugar showering hehehehehehehehehehe

Quickly snap on my cake before they are all gone hahahahaha

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