Friday, November 18, 2011

Latest look of my soft Durian Cheesecake with durian cream cheese piped rope borders and roses ^^

After a busy week, I got another 2 orders for the durian cheesecake from my friends.
It good to hear that isnt?
Luckily they are after the same delivery day, which make everything easier
especially on this warm weather, transporting a cake to the city
become much more troublesome and SCARY!!!
This time, after few attempt on trying different method of decorating my durian cheesecake
I decided to do some floral design on the cake.
I pipe on the cream cheese with the popular rope borders plus roses on the top,
and of course with some green leaves to add more colours.
It looks pretty good, what do you think?
My cake looks more complex in my point of view, at the same time I make sure there
enough cream cheese for everyone like what I have did on my cake last time.
And its time to deliver them again, I hate this part especially on hot weather this few days :(
Hopefully this is not gonna ruin my business, but its gonna be very hot on December arrggghhh

I hope that they like the cake, thank you for your support ^^
For those are keen in ordering durian cheesecake from me,
place your order earlier as durian is running out in Australia due to that
durian is a seasonal fruit!

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