Monday, November 21, 2011

Dark Chocolate Cake for Her 21st

My very first order is dark chocolate cake for Gin's dad, now here are my second
chocolate cake for a girl on her 21st big day :)
I love making chocolate cake and love working with chocolates, I hope there's more order
for chocolate type cakes in the future :)
Actually I have thought of the design of the cake for quite a while, because I don't want
chocolate cake is just a chocolate cake, I want something special :)
Even though he only requested for a Happy 21st Birthday writing on the cake but not any specified
decorations, still I want to make the cake looks more girly within my budget ^^

This time I am making the ganache softer, so that even you chill the cake in the fridge
it wont goes very hard and perfect for eating :)
Since it is a 10 inch cake, so it will be empty without any colours and decorations.
Consequently I have decided to decorate the cake with some white chocolate
and strawberriesssssssss (the best deco on every cake I guess :p)
This time I cut the strawberry into half, and do some heart shape white chocolate.

Then, I suddenly have an idea in my mind of piping the white chocolate ganache like lace
in between the hearts and strawberries !
It does make it looks more girly with additional some silver pearls on it,
I hope Adrian and the birthday girl would love this cake in both look and taste,
hope they enjoy the cake and wish her a very great 21st birthday ^^

Now the cake is ready for delivery! Weeeeeeee

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