Sunday, November 13, 2011

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Strawberries

Finally another rush order for red velvet cake, was a bit worry
actually because the one I did last time not good enough :p
This cake turn out very pretty and the look was within my expectation, I am so happy :)

I try on another recipe this time, and I triple the quantity so that I
got the cake a taller in height and easy for cutting and trimming.
And of course now I can adjust the recipe quantity for cake with different size :)
The cake turn out great without any shrinking or decrease in volume, it taste quite good
for me with suitable amount of cocoa taste. 
I am a bit headache of what to use for decoration, and how to decorate the cake with cream cheese
frosting so that it look perfect and nice.
Can't use any RTR as it absorbs moisture in the fridge so I decided to use strawberry
since it is red in colour which can match with the red velvet cake:)
There are 3 layers of red velvet cake inside with cream cheese frosting sandwiched
in between each layer, so the cake a bit taller than normal, will make it shorter in height next time.

When you cut the cake, you will see layers of the cake which what I have been always
wish for cakes or gateaux :)
Again, I piping the cream cheese in basket weave pattern and normal shells along the top border,
it just looks so pretty I really love what I did this time:)

For the top part, I use the frosting comb to make stripe design on the top,
and it should hold the strawberry more stable.
Hope Alicia will love the cake, both look and taste :P
Positive feedback for me thanks for your support!

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