Sunday, April 01, 2012

Pandan Layer Cake

This cake is so popular and requested by every of my friend in KK, but the first person that asking me to do this is one of my regular customer from Melbourne :)

Pandan layer cake is generally pandan sponge/chiffon layers with pandan jelly custard in between, so it is more like having kuih and cake at the same.time
The taste is very unique with strong pandan flavour :)
I do also covered the cake with a bit of coconut,  pandan is actually a good friend with coconut.
For my first Pandan Layer Cake, the layers squeezed together a bit so not clearly seen.
The top jelly is very thick while the bottom 2 was very thin.
Don't worry, the next pandan cake will be perfect hehehehehe

The chiffon shrink a lot when come out from the oven, I guess this is because I greased the tin.
Next time I shall do the chiffon sponge without greasing the pan and see what will happen :P
The cake is sliced and ready into box to be delivered to the birthday boy^^
I hope he likes the cake and Happy Birthday to Will :)


Zoe said...

This reminds me of the Bengawan solo's kind of kaya cake. You did well recreating the classic :D

Christina Kim said...

Awww, the good ol' pandan layer cake brings back memories of childhood when we used to get this from bakeries for school ;)
The birthday boy must be so happy with this, don't you worry, it looks divine from here already!:D

Honey Bee Sweets said...

I've always wanted to try baking this pandan layer cake too! Even though your chiffon shrink a little, the end result is still gorgeous! Yum!

lena said...

love this delicious cake! yeah, it's not easy to get even layers especially when it comes with so many layers!