Friday, March 30, 2012

Tiramisu from Jeannie for His 23rd

Tiramisu!!! Who doesn't like tiramisu :p
Finally there's a customer order this cake for her loves one.
Its Jeannie again that having this cake as a surprise for her boyfriend 23rd birthday, lucky him :p

I remember last year I also make a tiramisu for hubby for his birthday celebration hehehe
Maybe tiramisu is very suitable for guy's birthday ???
I piped some chocolate filigri on the sponge fingers, so that it looks not so plain and pretty.
Instead of dusting whole top of the cake with cocoa powder, I did in alternately.
Obviously, somehow the cocoa powder just soak the moisture of the cake which doesn't look pleasant, so I guess making it this way can reduce the imperfection yet different ^^

A heart is requested by Jeannie to show her love towards Lam, how sweet~~~
I hope he will like the cake :)

And again, Happy birthday to McRon Lam, have a great one with Jeannie ^^

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