Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cold Blueberry CheeseCake for HUDSON's Birthday

A special request from one of my regular customer for this blueberry cheesecake.
Actually he is after a blueberry cheese mousse cake, but I think it is hard to have cheese and mousse together at the same time as cheese is quite heavy while mousse is lighter.
So I am suppose that he want to have a cold blueberry cheesecake, which is not as heavy as baked cheesecake but with smooth and creamy texture :)

I am using my old recipe for the cheesecake with the combination of blueberry puree from another cheesecake recipe, added some gelatine so that it will set properly int he fridge.

Thank god that it set well in the fridge, or else I have to re do everything :p

I decorate the cake with some whipped cream, coloured into green to make some veins and
leaves then add on some fresh blueberries :)

I am happy with the look, what do you think?
I hope he finds that this cake is similar to the taste that he is looking for,

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