Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First and success Cotton Cheesecake in Melbourne

Back to MELBOURNE again, I did my first cake ^^
This is what I achieved by using a fan forced oven in Melbourne.
The cake is taller than usual one.
The main point is when folding the egg white together with the cream cheese batter, it has to be very gentle and soft motion.

Keeping an eye when the cake is in the oven also very important, because I dont want it to rise too much and cracks.
Top cracks a bit, but when it shrink back to flatten surface the cracks is not that obvious anymore which is so different than the one I make in KK.

Even the cake is tall in height, the texture in the middle not as compact as the usual one.
The texture is very moist and  little bit crumbly, still very nice like eating vanilla ice cream :)

I prefer it to be lower in height so that I can get a compact texture in the middle hehehehe
I hope he will like this cake as everyone does :)


Zoe said...

This cheesecake is so perfectly baked! Bravo!

Kit @ i-lostinausten said...

Wow! looks amazing! YUM! :)

lena said...

another good bake! the cracks are barely noticeable!!