Sunday, March 11, 2012

9'' x 9'' American Chocolate Brownies~~~~

Chocolate brownies seem to be popular among girls as well as guys.
The one I am selling is a bit crispy on the top but soft and moist in the middle.
My friends like it very much as it tastes rich and very chocolate, I have a friend that order this for his girlfriend during their anniversary.
And also a friend a mine order this for a small party in her house too.
Feel so good that everyone loves this and some of them are actually come back and re order this again hehehehe XD

Wooooooo, this one just come out from the oven.
Look at the crispy top hehehehe
Yumm Yumm
This cake is not very tall in height, just nice to cut into cubes and everyone can pick up one for dessert or during afternoon tea.
Nice to go with a cup of tea or coffee :)
My customer usually will ask me to help them to cut the cake so that they can share among friends ^^

Total 3 orders in a go for today, finally I finish baking them and have them cut and ready in the boxes ^^

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Zoe said...

These brownies are winner for all kind of occasion. You are so good in making and selling them. I have not made any $$$ from any of my baking so far :p