Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chocolate Mudcake & Vanilla Cupcakes for Isla's 1st Birthday

This is my very first fondant cake order from my friend's sister.
She is ordering this cake for her daughter 1st birthday party.
At first I thought she is after fresh cream cake or cream cake, but then she says she wants a fondant cake. A bit nervous but I am getting exciting!
The picture in the top is the design of the cake she wants me to make, she design it all by herself so sweet~~

Chocolate cake is the flavour that she is after, hmm sounds yummy for both kids and adults yea?
Obviously, Isla loves pink color hehehehe

Everything is done according to the design, except for few things that I amended after few discussion with her.
The bunny looks a bit different, I try my best to make it look as exact as possible but somehow picture from computer cannot be applied to decoration as everything is handcrafted so it might look weird if I do 100% the same.
She doesn't mind at all ahaha, luckily~~~~~
I am very happy that her family actually say "WOW" when they see the cake hehe.
Katie and her family all love my work, this makes me in a very good mood all day long^^
I learn how to make the ribbon/bow from a cake book, this look really pretty
and nice isn't?
A picture sent from Ji Sung's phone, here's the birthday girl Isla ^^
I didnt see her when I delivered the cake, but she looks so cute~~~
Lover her Pinky pink dress!

She also order a dozen of cupcakes to go with the big cake, vanilla cucpakes with pink butter icing and decorated with rainbow thousands and fresh strawberry :)

It took me some time to finish this gumpaste decoration in advance.
Hearts, butterflies, little flowers, bunny and some alphabets all done^^

Again, trying on new recipe from a book, I am also using new recipe for the chocolate mud cake.
This cupcakes recipe turn out very good, not over rising or flowing out in the oven, not peeling off from the patty pan when it is bakes. This is the major problem that I am facing all the time, now no more problem with the new recipe yay ^^
The recipe is just enough for a dozen of cupcakes, not too less and not too much, I love this recipe and finally~~~~

Same thing applies to my chocolate mud cake, nice and good texture with nice flavour.
This is what I am gonna use for future chocolate mud cake orders hehehehe
Pink butter icing is piped on the cupcakes, looking nice and even.
This is what I gonna do at my workplace soon, ah I am so nervous~~~~~

Being a cake decorator is fun sometimes, but if you are pushed by someone
under a stress and new environment, everything can be so different and bad ><

I think the cupcake looks pretty even without the strawberry hehehe, what do you think

Got this little gift treat when I am delivering the cake to her house, filled with lollies and green tea bag^^ so sweet ~~~~~
Happy birthday to you Isla :) Wish you stay healthy and happy, getting prettier and sweet :)

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lena said...

i also want to shout "wow!" considering this is your first fondant cake, this is really excellent!! The combination of colours are very lovely and butterflies are pretty too! I see that you're getting very professional doing all these, well done Daphne!!