Monday, March 05, 2012

American Chocolate Brownie for Calista

It has been a very long time since I last made my brownie.
I learned to make this from my friend's mother who also selling homemade cakes, I remember we are learning this in group of 3 people including Nadia and Fifi^^

This recipe that I got from her mum is really good, now I am making this and sell it too.
Rich and moist brownie with very strong chocolate and cocoa flavour :)
I also help them to cut this brownie into little cubes for easy picking up and eating.
My friends and relatives love this so much hehehehe

I hope she likes this brownie too :)


Calista Leah Liew said...

No worries babe.. I LOVE it!! And as I told you just now, my bf cant stop eating it.. ;p He asked me to order more from you so.. Will be in touch soon! =D

Daphne said...

Glad that U love it Babe ^^

Darren said...

I love this, very rich chocolate flavor :)

lena said...

looking at the cake, i would be surprised if your friends dont like it! i would love to stay near you!!