Friday, March 02, 2012

Pandan Chiffon Cake for Emily

Lots of my friends love pandan cake, but I will suggest pandan chiffon cake as it is lighter and nice to be eaten :)
My mum specially blend the pandan leaves with her blender with some water and make it like pandan paste for my cake ^^
Her blender leaves no pandan lumps at all, just the pandan fragrance and the juice BRAVO MUMMY! This pandan chiffon cake it very soft and moist to eat because of the pandan juice hehehe  Can you see the natural colour of the cake???

Hope they like the cake, enjoy!


Darren said...

Wow it does look very soft and moist,I love Pandan Chiffon cake too, well done Daphne ^^

lena said...

fantastic colour considering no colouring added!

Zoe said...

These Pandan chiffon cakes look soft and beautiful. Your mum is right! I would prefer to use the real pandan than the colouring :D