Tuesday, February 07, 2012

7'' Mushroom & Bacon Quiche

Seem like my customer likes my quiche with sweet pastry as he orders again hehehe
He says just a last order before I go back to Malaysia, well of course I am happy, what a nice feedback for me^^
This is an 7'' quiche, with mushroom and bacon.
I am putting a lot of mushroom and bacon, combine with the savoury egg custard it is just perfect!
Well, for return customer I always give them a better deal as I really appreciate their business and I will always welcome them when they are back again hehe
Look at the bacon and mushroom, not sure whether everyone has tasted quiche with sweet pastry shell or not but I can tell you the taste is special and extraordinary than using savoury pastry.
I like it, this is acceptable for some people but as you know sometimes savoury also combine very well with a bit of sweetness :)

During the baking, the quiche rise up and pop up just like the picture, cute yea? 
Cut and ready to be picked up by Wayne hehe
He requested it to be cut so I done that for him, another chance for me to snap
on the cross section kekeke :p


Quay Po Cooks said...

Great combo, mushroom and bacon. Bacon is a magic ingredient, never go wrong to add it to anything you make! haha, maybe not in ice cream. hehe

lena said...

you know, i havent tasted a quiche before but i heard that there's a very good one selling here in my town..i shall go there and try one day!