Thursday, February 09, 2012

Bobby's order for swiss rolls and cakes, first massive job for me!

My first and biggest order since the last 6 months, a return customer as usual - BOBBY
He ordered quite a few items in a go, as you can see there's chocolate, pandan and durian swiss rolls + oreo cake + pandan chiffon cake and Japanese cotton cheesecake.
This is really a challenge for me, working in the kitchen will not be easy when you have to keep washing dish hahaha

Well at least I manage to finish all on time just before I go back to Malaysia tomorrow weeeeee
Hope he will like all the goods and please do come back again if you really like my food, thank you so much for your business Bobby!
Appreciated deeply in my heart!

Durian Swiss Roll with Meringue



lena said... many long did you take to complete all of them? if me doing that, i'll faint for sure..dont think i have the energy to do that!! have a nice trip back! where's your hometown?

Darren said...

Wow Daphne! Fantastic, love you work and keep it up ^^

Zoe said...

You made these! You did very well! Enjoy your trip home. :D

HK Choo said...

Love all your bakes in this post, especially the "beehive" on the swiss roll, it is such a lovely touch!!

Have a safe journey home and enjoy the great time. :)

Daphne said...

Lena,Darren,Zoe & Hk: Thanks for all of your lovely comments ^^