Thursday, February 02, 2012

Tamago Egg & Ebi Prawn Sushi + Miso Soup

Thinking of making sushi, hmm since I want to try making tamago egg then let's make some
sushi with tamago egg and my favourite prawn ^^
I also topped some caviar on my tamago sushi, I love caviar, howbout you?
I just enjoy when the caviar burst in my mouth, like "pop" "pop" sound keep knocking in my brain hehehe
You can get the ebi prawn in store, frozen one and the caviar too.
Just cook some sushi rice and mix it with some sushi vinegar and ready to make your own sushi!
First time doing this is fun, but maybe just less rice for each sushi next time hahaha
Now I have learnt to have a pot of clean water beside me when making the sushi,
as you want to keep your hand wet or the rice will stick onto you hand
and you can't get rid of it hahaha
Everyone can try it out at home!
I make my own tamago egg at home this morning, hmm I reckon not too bad huh?
With sushi meal, of course there has to be something liquid such as miso soup.
It is very convenient as you can get miso paste in store easily, just simple add in any veggies you like.
I add in more seaweed and tofu into my miso soup, also extra spring onion in the soup yummmmmm


lena said...

i hope i can learn to make my own tamago some day!

Darren said...

All looks so nice, I am hungry now!