Monday, September 19, 2011

Thai Style Tom Yum Fry Vermicelli with Seafood

Sour Tom Yum withs seafood, such a good combination isn't?
Basic Ingredients:
Vermicelli (soaked in cold water for 20 minutes), you favourite seafood, bean sprouts, onion and eggs
For the sauce, I use the ready Thai curry paste,
the best paste for any soup, stir fry or even soup noodle!

I made a combination sauce for this vermicelli:
2.5  tbp of Curry paste
1 tsp of Pepper,
2 tsp of Salt,
2 tbp of Sugar,
1 tbp of Curry Powder,
3 tbp of Fish Sauce,
1 tbp of Lemon juice,
1 tsp ofChicken powder

I have to say, try to adjust  the amount to suit the amount of vermicelli that you
are going to stir fry. Sometimes its better to make more sauce just in case you run out of it.

I always cook the seafood partially in a pot of boiling water,
then you don't have to cook it so long when you stir fry it.

Then I will cook the egg first.
Put some salt, pepper and a bit of cream, this will give your egg very smooth texture :)
Scramble the egg in a hot pan.

Hmm, nice golden colour egg :)
Then , start the stir fry.
Sautee the onion first,  add in the vermicelli.
Tips: Remember to cut the length of the vermicelli a bit with a scissor,
this is for easy stir fry and for eating later.
Add in some soy sauce, just to give it a bit of saltiness and colour ^^
Then, put in the sauce, stir in thoroughly.
Add in 1-2 cups of water, let them boil.

Add in the bean sprouts then cover it with a lid, cook for  5-7 minutes
until the vermicelli soak all of the water, means become more manageable and soft :)
Meanwhile, the bean sprouts should be almost cook, stir it through the vermicelli.

Lastly, add in the eggs and seafood, stir fry for another few minutes.
Adjust the taste by adding some salt/sugar/pepper before the you serve it :)

There you go, piping hot stir fry tom yum vermicelli ^^
Appetising enough yet satisfying!
Sprinkle on some crushed peanuts as garnish like I do, a perfect combination hmmmm

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