Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Huge Pork Fillet toast with sunny egg, lettuce and cheese & sweet and sour Prawns

Tonight's dinner : Cleaning the fridge leftover ingredients, I come up with this lovely meal.
Toast with sunny egg, pork fillet, veggies, cheese slice + spicy and sour prawns for sides :)
Just some basic ingredients:
lemon, chilli, onion, prawn cutlets, minced pork and water chestnut.

I chopped up the water chestnut and onion, mince the prawn.
Mix all of them with the minced pork.
The ratio of each ingredients are depends the flavour you want.
You wan more onion aroma, then put more onion.
If you want more crunchiness, put more water chestnut like what I do :)
Prawn would add another seafood flavour into the pork,
you want more layers of flavour in you fillet, add some minced prawns!

Then, put seasoning like salt, pepper, sugar,  bit of sesame oil and soy sauce.
Finally add some corn flour and egg white.
Corn flour add some stickiness while egg white add as an combining agent as well as
give your fillet a smooth eating texture.
Pan fried the pork like a burger fillet until golden brown,
must use medium low eat to allow it to cook properly.
For the prawns : just fry it in a hot pan, add in a bit of lemon juice and chilli, salt & pepper to taste. Add in some
sugar as well in order to match with the sourness. Always taste the flavour. Cook for another few minutes until the sauce is thicken and reduced.
Before I put on the toast on the top.
Well,  I put on lettuce, then fillet, cheese and finally the egg.
Then finally, the toast on the top.
Simple and yummy dinner!

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