Friday, September 30, 2011

Strawberry Mousse Cake with Chocolate Ganache & Roses

The early birthday cake order is due, after 2 time attempting and adjusting the recipe,
I finally have my cake done perfectly!
Strawberry mousse with more strawberry flavour and less gelatine,
macerated strawberry cubes in the mousse,
thin layer of chocolate ganache with white chocolate drizzle pattern & pink and red roses!

I am so worry when delivering the cake,
the cake is around 11 inch, so big and heavy!
And its a raining day, but still I manage to deliver the cake in front of Li Ling's doorstep :)
She is so excited, hope she is happy with the cake
and give me some positive feedback!

Look at the size of the cake to feed 20++ people.
There's a reason why I worry so much during the delivery as
I am afraid the mousse is gonna collapse due to the height of the cake hehe
Pretty fondant roses that  I make petals by petals ^^

I am so happy with my work this time.
I guess this can be a really strong and good picture for my portfolio in future orders :)

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