Thursday, September 15, 2011

Colourful Wonderland Spring Japanese Bread Rolls

From today, once I get all my equipment ready, I am gonna start on my fondant cake design.
This cake is my first design for fun and testing.
Basic white fondant with pink base border, blue flower and yellow stars.
And of course, my favourite plush character, the Japanese Spring Bread Rolls!

The making of this cute character is not hard but damn tricky!

Now basically I got some idea of covering the cake with fondant, spraying before or after and etc.
I am happy with the outcome just  that the eyes and mouth of the character is a bit weird.
Trust me, easy to draw but hard to get it exactly the same,
trick is on the distance btw mouth and the eyes.
I really feel that its too simple, thinking so hard what to put on the cake to make prettier,
I cant think of anything seriously.
Putting too much stuff on the top will make the design looks too complex and thus cannot
stand out the characters.

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