Friday, September 09, 2011

Lovely Strawberry Shortcake

  I always wanted to try on strawberry shortcake recipe and make it into dome shape.
The sponge for this cake is beautiful with hint of honey flavor,
even you eat the sponge alone it just taste fantastic.
But one problem with the sponge it that its a little crumby,
but no problem at cutting it anyways.
In the middle there is sweet cream with macerated strawberries.
To get perfect size of sponge sheet in between the cake wasn't easy,
I want to use a bowl but having a hard time it getting it out.
So I just do it without any mould, shape it from bottom to top.
Spreading the cream around the dome shape cake is a bit tricky.
I do it on a cake turner stand, but still I have to do this part for quite a while
in order to get it look smooth and cover the sponge evenly.
The trick is to spin the stand as fast as you can and shape the cream with a scraper or spatula.

I am using red hearts and pink pearls as the deco, it just look pretty but doesn't hide the shape of the dome.
Hmm, I learn something today!

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