Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Very Durian Soft & Moist CheeseCake

I am doing some trial on Durian Cheesecake since lots of
customer are asking for them!
Well, durian is addicting!
Me myself love durian too!

But when dealing with the king of the fruit > DURIAN,
it can be tricky!!
The price of durian in Melbourne quite expensive too,
even they are those frozen one.
After working with this recipe so much,
I come up with this very delicious durian cheesecake.
Imagine durian+cream cheese, yummmmmmm
I also put a layer of durian cream cheese on the top, make it
look nicer and tastier ^^
As you can see, I didn't puree the durian flesh.
First thing is to avoid more cleaning :P
Secondly, I wish to retain the eating texture of the durian flesh which you can still feel while the cake is in your mouth ^^

This version of my durian cheesecake taste very moist
and soft while you can still taste the durian flesh!

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