Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pretzels with 5 Flavours

Homemade fresh pretzel with 5 flavours: right to left
Snowy Cinnamon Icing, Strawberry Chocolate Baby, Cheese Sweetie,
Dark Chocolate and Nuts Rocky, Original Sea Salt
I got this recipe in :
Free to go and have a look and try to make one at home ^^
I divide the dough into even weight by using the scale.
The recipe can yield around 12 pretzels or you can make it into any shape that you like.

I roll each dough into 15 inch long,
you can make it longer in order to have bigger size pretzel,
the size that I made in smaller than the normal size pretzel.

To shape the pretzel shape:
join both of the end together,
twist it for 2-3 rounds,
then flip over the round part and join the twisted part.
I hide the end of the twisted part on the bottom of the ring to secure the shape 
and prevent it from separating in the oven.
You can do in other shape if you want to, try to make them into sticks form hehehehe
By the time you done with the rolling and shaping, the pretzels should rise and expand a bit in size which I think they should go into the oven!

The recipe says that we have to boil the pretzel in the soda water for 2 minutes in total for both front and back side,
its too long I think. By the time you take the dough out from the water, it just breaks :(
So I ignore that part, I just brushed some of the boiled soda water onto the surface and bottom.
Then I bake them at 180 degree Celsius.
For cheese sweetie and sea salt flavour, you have to sprinkle the cheese + white sugar or coarse sea salt
on the pretzel before you pop them into the oven.
Cheese will be melting in the oven hehehehehe

They are out from the oven, just nice brownish colour with very aromatic
pretzel smell around the house ^^
This is the plain one for different flavour toppings.
Well, I think without the boiling the dough in soda water  part,
they still come out quite nice! Even though they look fatter hehe

Do try your imagination to create flavours that you like,
this is a very optional and free thinking  part.

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Raymond @ The Pastry Dream said...

Nice job on the pretzels! I like the step by step photos =) Looks really good! will be back for more!

-from a fellow foodie blogger in Tasmania