Monday, January 23, 2012

Dark Soy Maryland with rice (卤鸡腿饭)

Hi all, tonight is chinese new year eve, what are you guys having for dinner?
Its just me and him tonight so I just simply cook for tonight's dinner.
Almost the same like last time ru rou fan, I am using chicken maryland this time.
I also put more onion and garlic and extra fried tofu and hard boiled eggs.
I am using a bit of sweet dark soy sauce, so the sauce looks darker.
Look at the eggs, the outer layer is very dark with the yellow egg yolks in the middle yumm

I really love hard boiled eggs so this is really driving me crazy, love the yolks
and I dont even have to use any sauce as the egg itself is cook well and salty enough to eat it alone :)
Happy Chinese New Year everyone, have a wonderful new year with your family and friends ^^

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