Monday, January 23, 2012

Durian Swiss Roll with Meringue

Ohhhhh finally durian swiss rolls:)
Spongy swiss roll with durian cream, topped with some meringue (always wanted to do this XD)
I actually made this for friends that visited to our place today, its first day of chinese new year!
Melbourne seems to be lack of new year atmosphere, feel so boring here I wanna go back :(
A slice of swiss roll is best to go with coffee but today is so hot, its 35 degree celcius and I am sweating all day.
So I made some refreshing lemonade for my guest, they seem to like the rolls very much and everyone have 2 slices then the whole roll is gone :p

They say its nice, I also like this a lot because of the soft sponge and the durian cream, and the meringue did add a lot of points for this swiss roll hehe
I am happy of course,  didnt want to keep the swiss roll in fridge for too long.
Well I am also selling this, got this into my order menu :)
I pipe the meringue in this way because I saw a lemon meringue tart of a cafe in Westfield shopping centre is having the meringue piped like this in the middle of the tart.
This is so cute and like those honey bee nest hehe

Not exactly like the one I saw, but still I like it XD
I also blow torch the meringue so that it is a bit brownish on the outside, what do you think?


ann low said...

Durian is my favourite and you have made this roll beautifully.
Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Dragon Year!

Daphne said...

Thanks Ann for your lovely comment, love your website and all the food :)

Darren said...

This durian swiss roll looks drooling, I like the meringue on the top.