Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lemon Chiffon Cake

During this very hot weather, I really want to do some baking but the kitchen is so warm which makes me feel very grumpy and annoyed.
I mean I really love to be in my kitchen, but not during this hot 35 degrees celcius weather x)
So I make the easiest and yummy chiffon, also one of my favourite.
Lemon flavour, how's that sound? 

Perfect for this warm summer with bits of sour and sweet chiffon cake ^^

Lemon tend to make your cakes lighter and appetising especially during summer as people
will be looking for something sour rather than rich and heavy cakes.
I am using freshly squeezed lemon juice, also add a little bit more sugar when doing the mixture.
This time, I got a bit of egg yolk in my meringue, causing the meringue cannot be achieved in peaks form.
Well, that the reason I think why my cake rise not that much compared to my coffee chiffon cake.

So its more compact in texture, but the flavour is good, just nice with the sour and sweet combination.
I love when the lemon smell is oozing out from the oven during the baking.
This cake is not dry but just that the texture, too compact as I thought, gonna use a perfect stiff  meringue next time when I am doing this again.

Well I personally love the flavour because it is lemon~~~ What about you???
I also dusted the cake with some icing sugar, just perfect to go with the lemon flavour yummm
I was thinking of making orange flavour for the next chiffon cake and give it out as an sample for
my customers, so stay tuned for the upcoming pictures :)
I am very happy that everyone seems to love the lemon flavour and the texture of the cake since it is not too dry.


lena said...

i like the taste of citrus in my cakes but havent tried them in breads..

Zoe said...

Your lemon chiffon cake is perfectly baked with soft and fluffy texture. It is very light and I think it will be great to eat for our hot hot summer.

Your blog is fantastic! I would love to follow you to learn more of your cooking and baking techniques.

Daphne said...

Hi Lena : thanks!

Hi Zoe: Welcome and thanks for your lovely comment :)