Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rice served with pickled cucumber, dark soy egg and minced pork with fried tofu (卤肉饭)

Hehehe this is my first "卤肉饭)" that I make myself at home, learn the recipe from my mum.
This is a very simple and easy to make meal with simple ingredients, satisfy meal ever and trust me you will be craving for more!

Ingredient: for 3 serves
cucumber slices (marinated with sugar and white vinegar plus pinch of salt for an hour, should taste like sweet and sour)
300g-350g minced pork

Slices mushroom (optional)
2 piece of fried tofu block (around 100g), cut into long thick pieces
shallot/deep fried shallot
chopped garlic
2-3 tbps of sugar
1 tsp of pepper
1 of tbps rice wine
3 cups of water
1 cups dark soy sauce
3-5 hard boiled eggs (shells off)

How to:

(a) In a medium pot, heat up some oil and fried the shallot and garlic until slightly brownish in colour.
(b) Then add in the minced pork and fried while smashing into smaller piece until 90% cooked.
(c) Add in the tofu and mushroom and stir fry for another1 minute.
(d) Then add in the soy sauce and water, let it boils.
(e) Once it boils, add in the rest of the seasoning and the eggs and make sure the
eggs is immersed inside of the sauce
(f) If you prefer sweeter taste add more sugar.
Simmer it with a pot cover slightly open under low heat for 35 minutes until the sauce reduced in amount.
(g) Have a taste on the sauce, add more soy sauce/bit of salt if its not salty enough, add more
water or more sugar if its too salty, simmer it for another 5 minutes.
(h) Serve it with steam rice, the pickled cucumber, pour over the sauce onto the rice.

Yeepeee dinner is served!
I am glad that my hubby love this, thanks for mummy recipe and I love this very much!
Try to make it at home, split it into few containers for few meals, well if you are lazy to cook haha
You can store the extra sauce in a container and make a bento for tomorrow lunch or late morning breakfast :))))

I personally like the dark soy eggs, so if you like the egg, put in few more eggs to be cooked in the sauce, you can keep the extra one in the fridge for later use :)
It is a simple and delicious meal, try it and let me know!

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lena said...

yum! our kind of comfort food!