Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Preserved Fish and Chicken Fried Rice 咸魚鸡丁炒飯

Hi all, tonight I am making fried rice for dinner. What are you all having for dinner?
Before I sleep last night, I am thinking of what to cook today.
Then in the morning, I ask him to buy me some chicken, cabbage and preserve fish because I am gonna make fried rice today! Fried rice is just one of the simplest meal ever and you can do it with any way you want or add in anything you like!
INGREDIENT: for 2 serves
I know everyone knows hoe to make fried rice, here just some tips and method of how I make my fried rice:)

2 bowls of cold overnight rice
Chicken cubes marinated in soy sauce + pepper + salt + pinch of sugar
shredded cabbage
prawn cut into smaller pieces
2 eggs
preserved fish cut into small pieces
minced garlic
cooking oil

1 tsp of chicken powder

(a) I am using overnight rice as its easier when you fried the rice, you will get a very nice consistency but not lumpy rice that result in sticky and wet texture. This is because overnight rice soaks up all the moisture into the rice itself, so there won't be too much moisture compared to freshly cooked rice as its still warm and steamy.

(b) I always fried the eggs and scramble it, put a bit of seasoning like salt. Unless you got a a very big stove and big wok that large enough to add in the eggs and fried very quickly so that it sticks into the rice, when I do this at home, I always get a very wet and sticky fried rice :(

(c) I also pan fried the preserved fish with some hot oil until crispy and golden brown, this is when all the aroma comes out and when u bite the fish you get very crunchy texture :)

(d) Make sure you keep on separating the rice properly, or you can say smashing or stirring so that every rice is perfectly coated with the seasoning, even in taste and leave no rice lump.

(e) Adjust the seasoning when necessary, I only use salt but no soy sauce for the taste as I want it too look whiter rather then brown in colour. It still looks brownish because of the chicken haha.

(f) I am adding a little bit of prawn so that the rice will have a bit of seafood flavour, remember to add a pinch of sugar into the fried rice too as it enhance the flavour of the rice.

My kitchen smell like the preserved fish after cooking, I guess it needs few days for the smell to disappear hehe
My hubby has eaten almost all of rice, guess he is too hungry after work or maybe he just love it too much ahahah
Me myself love this too as the preserved fish smells too nice and addicted yummmm

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lena said...

not just the kitchen area, even my hair also smells of those salted fish..but cant help, enjoy and eat first and then shower! yum!