Sunday, January 08, 2012

Early CNY Durian Cakes from a customer :)

I got 3 durian cakes order from a customer in a go.
One cake is 8" while 2 cakes is 6'' in size.
It pretty challenging to make 3 cakes at a time, but I am very excited!
I think my skills has improved a lot compared to last time, I have smoother surface on my cakes hehe

Smoother cream on small one :p
This is a sponge cake with durian cream cheese, I didn't do much decoration on the cake this time.
Just stay simple with some durian cream piped on the top, I am trying different pattern though.
I think I will fix my durian cake with this look for future orders, what do you think?
Hope that Elaine will love the cakes :)


lena said...

yeah, very nice and smooth frosting on the cake!! wow, you're making for sale too! that would be a pressure for me! you can get durians easily over in mel?

Daphne said...

Hi Lena, thanks for your comments:)
I am always selling birthdays cake, durian cake is the popular one hehe ^^ We are using frozen durian here :)

Darren said...

The durian cakes looks lovely, very neat and smooth cream around the cake, well done!