Monday, January 02, 2012

Sultana Loaf & Peanut Buns

Up to this very warm summer, its almost 40 degree today and I really don't feel like going out.
I have too much baker's flour leftover, instead of buying bread from the bakery, I am gonna make my own fresh loaf and buns at home today.

I am using the same sweet yeast recipe which I used to make my california rolls last time.
I love to eat bread and sultana why don't I just add it into my loaf, and with yesterday leftover peanut filling I can make few peanut buns for my hubby's breakfast tomorrow :)

Here are they, the sultana loaf and peanut buns.
I brushed on the egg wash, that make them so shinny.
My loaf seems to form a bit of wrinkle on the top, too much egg wash hahahaha
The sultana loaf doesn't seem to be very sultana, it doesn't stick to the loaf but it tastes good though,
ah I am sure I will be having it a lot, I just love bread goods so much~~~~~
OKOK bread rolls to be exact with peanut fillings, I am addicted to this!
When I am in KK, I can get this in a bread store or just boop booop bus hehehe
but just not in Melbourne :(
Well now I can have one, homemade one :)
After an hour proving, they are ready to be baked in the oven.
Wooooooo its done, looking good huh????

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lena said...

Great looking buns! isnt it wonderful now that you can just put in whatever fillings we like?!