Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crispy Salt & Pepper Prawns

Hi all, I learn this very simple salt and pepper prawn from one of my friend JIAYUAN.
As you know, I love seafood especially prawnss
Whatever to go with prawns, I love them so much!
This is a very easy to make prawn dish, but it requires some deep frying before go to stir fry.
3 of the main ingredients for stir:
spring onion/shallot
 red chilli
Chop the garlic and chilli, and slice the spring onion then set aside for later use.
For the prawn, I put in some seasoning like salt and pepper before I coat them
with the egg and flour so that it has some taste.
Then I coat them with egg followed by flour (I mix in with some corn flour)
then deep fry them in a pot of hot oil at 165 degree celcius for 5-7 minutes
or until golden brown.

The picture above is how the prawns look like after deep frying.
Then in a hot pan with some oil, stir fry the rest of the ingredients for 2 minutes
or until the aroma comes out, add in the prawns and keep on tossing until
they are well combine.
Lastly, add in some salt and pepper for taste then it is ready for serve.


lena said...

i can tell you that simple seasoning like this can also be a hit in the house!

Jobless Girl said...

This is simple and nice.