Friday, January 20, 2012

Mango CheeseCake with lots of MANGO~~~

Finally I have a chance to make mango cheesecake!
Its mango season now so it is a good time to make one of those,
and I am making this for one of the customer order and one for chinese new year dinner at my hubby's relatives place :)
It is very important to choose the right mango as some of the is very sweet while some of them are sour :P
Well the one I got for this is sweet, lucky huh :)

It takes me quite a long time in getting and fixing the recipe right so that I can get a perfect cheesecake filling set properly but not rubbery.
And instead of having biscuit as the base, I am replacing it with sponge :)

My first mango rose on the top of the cake, not perfect but this is a nice try
and this is gonna challenge me in the future!
A layer of flangel is brushed on the mango to make
it looks shinny as well as to stable its position so that it
won't slip away from the cake hehehe

Not just on the top, inside the creamy cheese filling
 with mango flavour you will find a surprise too!
I also put in some mango cubes inside of the cheese filling,
 so this cheesecake actually taste really mango
and I am sure everyone will love it ^^

Its ready to be delivered, hope that Jason will like this cake and leave me a
positive feedback :)))))))))
Thank you so much for your business ^^


lena said...

very nice flower deco! i'm sure they will like it!

Daphne said...

Thanks Lena ^^