Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Matcha Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Finally I got a perfect and nicely done standard chiffon cake :)
This is of a green tea flavour, a real matcha green tea!
I actually learnt how to make a better and standard chiffon cake,
and now I learn the trick and I can make a very spongy
and light texture chiffon cake ^^

And I have it served with some dusted icing sugar and red bean paste!
So yummy and you can see from the below picture, the cross section
of the cake is done beautifully :)
Very light and bounce back sponge ~~

Oh I really love this so do my hubby, he have it for breakfast as well as
as snack to go with cup of coffee :)

Well now I understand why people love chiffon cake, because it it
something that even you have more you won't feel sick or worry that it
will burden you tummy :P
Well of course it has lower calorie that other types of cakes,
which is what every girl is looking for hehe
See, the cake rise beautifully with no more collapsing and very dense
cake volume hehehe ^^
I am very happy with this attempt and got more confidence for future orders!
Also got this added into my order menu, so for who is looking
for chiffon cake at specified flavour please do let me know
and I will try to make one for you :)

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