Monday, June 18, 2012

2 tiers cake for parents 33rd anniversary, pink flowers theme with handcrafted figurines :)

Congratulation to bobby's parent for their 33rd anniversary, how sweet :)
This is my first 2 tiers cake, such a great challenge ^^

This is made of chocolate mudcake with 8'' base and 7'' top.

Phew luckily the cake come out great and within my expectation :)

2 butterflies are added when I touch up the cake :)

The hardest part in making this cake is to deliver the cake, I am so worry that the flowers gonna fall off and the figurines are gonna shake.

Glue them 2 days before, so everything is firm and stable ^^

I also did extra cookies for them as a little gift :)

Hope they will love the cake.

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lena said...

wow, impressive!!you are getting more and more adventurous!