Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Baked Avocado Prolly Cheesecake with ganache and pistachio nuts

I always wanted to make avocado cheesecake, but lots of idea in my mind and this time I decided to make baked avocado cheesecake with avocado slices inside.
Then a thin layer of ganache on the top plus crushed pistachio nuts on the top.
This is the 1st attempt and I hope everything is good!

My friends Erjan is actually the one that give me this idea, and the cake actually turn out great!
Avocado prolly is a drink with blended avocado with nuts and chocolate.
This cheesecake is much more creamy because of the avocado and you can see the avocado slices when I cut the cake.
Rich of avocado flavour, Australia avocado is very versatile and used in lots of dishes because the taste is not bitter and it is very good for kids and baby.
Australia selling avocado everywhere and you can get it very easily in fruit store or supermarket :)

For this cake, the ganache and the nuts actually give the cake more taste other than avocado and all of them make good combination.

One of my friend Samuel tasted it and he really likes it ^^

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